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Blinking Icons
Shulk icon- ASK TO USE. by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Happy Belated Birthday, Pengu-S by DarkAngelofMinecraft
I found out how to make smooth blinking icons, so I opened commissions for them! Just 10 points, and I'll make one for you with any character~! Also I can make them bigger then 50 x 50 if you want gifs for your profile! Note: if its bigger then 50 x 50 and you want it on your profile, you have to use html and not thumbnails like how I got images on my profile.
Animal Crossing exclusive
AC:NL Bunny Shipping by DarkAngelofMinecraft
The Terrible Secret by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Animal Crossing- Saryi by DarkAngelofMinecraft
ACNL OC-Rana by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Like my other commissions, these are digital. The difference is you can have me make an OC design for Animal Crossing, whether its a Mayor/Human like Saryi from Hitokui or an animal villager like my OC Rana. You can request shipping too, it can be animal x animal or Mayor/Human x animal, it doesn't matter. And of course you can request creepypasta/horror in the game like Billy, a creepypasta,(second pic) and Saryi (third) or Aika(not shown), who are in creepy dream towns.
Rosalina by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Look who it is again by DarkAngelofMinecraft
AC:NL Bunny Shipping by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Animal Crossing- Saryi by DarkAngelofMinecraft
My commissions are digital, because I'm afraid I don't have a scanner. Anyway, I will draw any of your ocs or Mayors or whatever you call them. Just send me a picture, the points and I'll get to work as soon as I can!



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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there- owo
I'm DarkAngelofMinecraft, but you can call me Dark or something simpler like my actual name, Mary. My profile's severely WIP right now-
My birthday badge
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A chibi raffle by Scyio! Hope you all join~ :'D
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Why Xenoblade Fandom? by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Why Xenoblade Fandom?
Just why?
Shulk x Reyn is the weirdest couple ever.
At least to me.
Throwing that out there.
Original images by whoever made them. I am not owner of any of this except the added doodles.
"So you didn't get yourself caught or injured?"

       "No, Fiora," replied Keyara, giving a small chuckle. Fiora giggled, saying,"I'm surprised, but happy for you! I'm glad you found someone." "Thank you," Keyara said happily, but again she felt that wave of uncertainty about Fiora's safety. Nothing has happened, Keyara told herself. Keep protecting Shulk and Fiora, but don't be so worried. They wouldn't be happy about you being upset. The door then swung open, making Keyara and Fiora look to it. Shulk came in, greeting with a "Hey." Fiora replied, "Hi!"

       Keyara waved to him, a bit of her troubled feelings showing through her attempts to hide them. "Are you okay?" Shulk questioned, his gaze landing on her. Keyara knew Shulk had already asked her about her being worried, and she had said no. But she had sensed from his Ether waves that he wasn't entirely convinced, and she didn't need to risk worrying him also. She nodded, replying, "Yup." And with that moment over, the day resumed smoothly.

But Keyara still felt uncertain.

       "Oh, Dunban. When you visited me yesterday, why did you? I know it wasn't because of Alvis, as you did not know." Melia's eyes slid from the clock to her servant Dunban, who was in front of her. "...Oh! Right," Dunban said, feeling uncertain about telling Melia what he had to. Though his loyalties were of course with the Princess, the result of the news would obviously be incredible anger.

       "Well, erm...the boy, Shulk was his name, right?" Dunban began, still feeling uncertain. Melia gave a little nod to signify he was right, making him give a little gulp and continue. "He has a girlfriend now." Melia's eyes widened then narrowed. "Oh?" she questioned, her voice shaky. "And WHO is this...girlfriend of his?" Dunban glanced left and right, then looked up at Melia. "Fiora," he answered.

       "Fiora, huh?" Melia said, in a thoughtful tone. Her anger seemed to be melting away, replaced with..deviousness. "She lives in the Green Section, correct?" she demanded of Dunban, who suddenly felt like he knew why Melia was asking. "Yes," he said. Melia's face split into a grin, and she announced, "Dunban. I have an idea." And though he felt like he already knew, Dunban questioned, "And what is your idea?"

       It turned out Dunban had known. Melia's idea was exactly what he expected. "Go and alert the forces for me, Dunban," ordered Melia once Dunban had loyally agreed with her idea. "And, of course, you will do it yourself, right?" Dunban felt a twinge of uncertainty at Melia's second question, but he nodded either way. "Yes, to both of those. I shall alert them right away," he replied. And while he walked away, thoughts swirling in his head, he was only vaguely aware of Melia exclaiming, "Very good!"

       Alvis hurried to the castle's gates. He had to warn Keyara, he simply had to! The castle gates were drawing closer, but Alvis had to be careful that no one caught him in the Green Section. Filled with worries about what would happen when he left the castle, feeling a hand grab his arm made him jump. And a familiar, angry voice told him he had indeed been caught, and he wasn't going to get away scott-free.

       "And where exactly are you headed off too?" Princess Melia demanded, tightening her grip on his arm. "You aren't going to warn anyone, are you?" Alvis felt the Princess's distrust for him in her words, a chill running down his spine. "N-no, Lady Melia," replied Alvis shakily. "I was, er, just out to get some fresh air." Melia raised her eyebrow, obviously unconvinced by his lie. "The grounds have plenty of fresh air, I see no need for you to run out of the castle," she retorted.

       " you're right. My apologies, Lady Melia," he stammered. "Stay inside the castle grounds, so I know I can trust you," snapped Melia. "Of course," replied Alvis. Melia glared at him. "You're to stay on the grounds with others, understand?" He nodded. "Yes, Lady Melia. For...for how long?" he stuttered. "Long enough," she said blandly. And with that, she let go of his arm, and stalked off. Whatever happens, thought Alvis as he watched her go, I just hope Keyara and her friends end up okay.
[Xenoblade Daughter of Evil] Chapter 09
It's finally up! Sorry for the long wait everyone but this was the longest chapter of XDoE yet so it took a bit to make. 
Anyway Melia has finally been alerted of Shulk and Fiora's relationship and she has a plan...a fairly obvious one if you've listened to the song, lol.
Alvis wanted to warn Keyara of the plan but Melia was like "AW HELL NAH" and now Alvis is stuck on the grounds with other guards..basically having no way to warn Keyara. Oh no!
Next: Coming Soon
Prev: [Xenoblade Daughter of Evil] Chapter 08
First: [Xenoblade Daughter of Evil] Chapter 01
My Gosh. Writing a Xenoblade Fanfic and a Xenoblade Novelization at the same time is strangely hard. And long.
    Keyara exited the capital. Having decided to leave the capital, due to both Melia and Alvis being busy with something, she boredly stepped onto the teleporter and was beamed to Hovering Reef 2. A cool breeze flowed softly into her hair, making her give a soft smile. It was rather late at night- 22:00, or 10:00 PM, and Keyara had been rather upset about Melia and Alvis being forced to do things so late at night, but she had eventually accepted it and decided to leave the capital.

    Stars glistened overhead, twinkling like jewels in the sky. Keyara knew that the most of the High Entia would be asleep at the time; not like they left the capital much anyway, but it was extremely unlikely she would meet anyone. Though being on her own in Eryth Sea was quite nice and relaxing, Keyara couldn't help feeling a bit lonely. Her closest friends- you guessed it, Melia and Alvis- were often busy with royal business. Sure, Keyara understood they were important people, but still. Suddenly she heard rustling and other noises, startling her a bit and making her glance around for Hodes or Nebulae. 

    But she saw none. Confused, she walked towards the sound. "Hm," she murmured as she walked. She finally came across the source of the noise- a High Entia girl, with emerald green eyes and, instead of the usual white, pitch black wings. She was plucking some Night Lillies, and looking at them curiously."Huh? Someone out at this hour?" she wondered aloud, not noticing how loud her voice was.

"Huh?" the girl looked up from the Night Lillies, to look over her shoulder at Keyara. "Ah!" She dropped them, and scrambled backwards, staring up at Keyara. Huh. I wonder why she's so...afraid, thought Keyara curiously. "Are you okay?" she questioned the scared-looking girl. The girl crawled further backwards, inquiring, "W-who are you!? What do you want!?" Though the girl seemed only a bit younger than her; sixteen, Keyara estimated, she seemed like an untrusting child approached by a stranger.

    "I'm Keyara," Keyara replied. "You don't have to be afraid of me." The girl looked uncertainly at her, muttering shakily, "W-why aren't you teasing me?" She lifted her hands and placed them on her dark head-wings, almost as if she wished to hide them from Keyara. The black-haired Homs tilted her head in confusion at the younger girl's behavior, questioning, "Why would I?" The other girl tugged down on her gray, blue, and purple top, not meeting Keyara's eyes. "Everybody does."

    Keyara felt a pang of sympathy for the girl, for in Alcamoth people always gave her dirty looks for being a Homs. "Why?" she asked the High Entia. The girl looked up to Keyara, her gaze filled with sadness. "They...they tease me because of my wings," she replied quietly. Keyara felt even more pity for her, asking, "What's your name?" The black-winged girl replied,"Z-Zaira." Keyara gave a small smile to Zaira, saying, "Do you want to be friends, Zaira?"

"Friends?" Zaira looked shocked. "D-do you mean that?" Keyara nodded. "Why wouldn't I?"

    "S-Sure then," answered Zaira. "..Thank you." Keyara smiled again. "No problem!" I...don't entirely trust her yet,thought Zaira, but...she seems like a good person. Good enough for me, at least. Yes. Good enough for me.
Keyara Meets Zaira
Finally done this! It took a while, sorry XD
So yeah, in my eyes Melia and Alvis have to do a lot of royal duties, so them being Keyara's best friends she sometimes has to be on her own...but then again, that's just in my eyes. And due to being teased a lot, Zaira doesn't initally have much trust for anyone, but she doesn't have many friends so she'd accept someone that was nice to her at least.
Melia and Alvis belong to Monolith Soft
Keyara belongs to Maria65
Zaira belongs to me
Xenoblade OC- Zaira by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Xenoblade OC- Zaira
I made a Xenoblade OC finally :'D Here's her bio:

Name: Zaira (Pronounced Zay-ruh)
Race: High Entia
Age: Sixteen
Powers: Can control Ether, not really good at it though
Family: Has a mother, father, and an older brother
Personality: Rather quiet, secretive, distrusting. Once knowing people better she can get a bit protective and rather caring.
    Zaira was born in Alcamoth. She was born, unlike all other High Entia, with pitch black wings. (I had to do lighter in the picture so it would stand out and such.) This worried her family very much because no other High Entia had ever had black wings, and Zaira was in the doctor's for much longer than an usual High Entia child because she was repeatedly inspected and scanned for diseases or other messups. Eventually the doctors told Zaira's family they couldn't find anything wrong with her and that she simply was born with black wings.
    In school Zaira was often teased because of her black wings, so she often left the capital and strayed around Eryth Sea. One day while walking in Eryth Sea she met Melia, and the two talked, however it was rare they could because of Melia's princesshood, and Zaira had to keep their meetings a secret. Melia taught Zaira some Ether control in the small time they talked together. She lost most contact with Melia during the time Melia needed to defeat the Telethia, however when Shulk and his friends returned to the Capital with Melia she talked to them again and met Shulk and his other friends.
   Zaira was one of the few survivors of the High Entia turned Telethia incident. She moved to Frontier Village, because she could see Eryth Sea from there and it kept her from being homesick without having to go to a place overrun with Telethia. Whenever Melia and the others go back to Frontier Village, she hangs out with them and trades with them, only rarely leaving the Village.

Hope you like her~ :'D

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