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The Goddess's Plain Goddesses
Pandora Pandora is one of the goddesses on the plain. She's probably the most emotionless out of all the gods or goddesses,but it still caring and nice at her core. She's the goddess of chaos,disaster and darkness.

Sonar Sonar is the bravest of all the goddesses,and will jump into almost any fight without thinking. Because of her being a strong goddess,though,she usually will get KOed but have already drained a lot of the enemy's power. She's quite mysterious,not revealing much about herself,but still will help others if they need it. She's the goddess of water.

Nebula Nebula is very shy and nice,however not afraid to stand up for her friends. She's around Burner and Sonar a lot,hoping that maybe being around them will help her be more social. She's the goddess of the moon and stars.

Burner Burner is the goddess of fire and magma,the most social and lively of all goddesses. She has a rivalry with Sonar,who she thinks is a show off,and is thought to be a show off by Sonar. She often will try and barge into battle,but unlike Sonar is not that strong. That is another reason for their rivalry.

Diamond Diamond is the co-leader,however she directs people to do things and will only let herself be bossed around by Sky. She cares more about the underground than above,and tries to keep minerals(mostly diamond) safe from the Crystal people. She is the goddess of underground material.

Sky Sky is the "top" goddess,and does her best to help protect the world of Crystal. Unlike you would think,though,Sky often leaves the island instead of telling Diamond to do it. She is friends with most of the gods while the rest of the goddesses push them away. She's the goddess of the atmosphere and sun.
Other OCs
Sonic The Hedgehog
Mary the Hedgecat
Night the Seedrian
Xia the Winged Fox
Splatter the Seedrian
Verity the Shadow Seedrian
Verrat the Seedrian God
Yin the Seedrian God
Muisto the Seedrian God
Yami the Seedrian God
Amicizia the Ice Cat
Astra the Cherry Seedrian
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Mayor Mary
Rana the Cat


What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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because I'm just random like that
no really
these things are awesome


Point Commissions!
Point Commissions! Yaaaaaay!
Lineart - Sonar Lineart by DarkAngelofMinecraft

Colored - Heaven X Vis-First Meeting by DarkAngelofMinecraft

Shading and/or lighting - (No picture yet)

EXTRA~Swimming/in water - Cosmic Cove Galaxy with Peach and Rosalina + SMG3! by DarkAngelofMinecraft



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Hi! My name is Mary. I'm here just for fun and to draw,but I like talking to my friends. I'm also from America,but I'm part German.

Favorite color: Sapphire
Favorite Mario characters: Rosalina and Toadette
Favorite animal: Killer Whale
Favorite Video Games: Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic adventure DX,MKW,SA2B,Burnout Paradise,Ib,Kid Icarus:Uprising

Things about me:
I have 6 pets! 5 cats and my pet I-have-no-idea-how-to-spell-this-name,Mario
One wild cat comes to our house and we feed it
I'm kinda shy in real life,not so much here.
I'm totally cray-cray!
I have a Wii,Gamecube,Gameboy(not sure what kind),DSi,3DS,and the Xbox is my dad's
Yes,I am a girl
I accept requests(I do some Sonic yuri,hetro,and sonic characters but not shadow or silver and they have to be official(so no archie,but i do fan characters sometimes))
My favorite Sonic game is adventure 2
My favorite Mario game is Galaxy,but Mario Kart Wii is my second fave.

My favorite couples
:heart:Mario x Rosalina :heart:
:heart: Sonamy :heart:
Luigi x Elclair
Knuckles x Rouge
(Now OCs)
Vis x Heaven (Vis by fernpawiscool,Heaven by me)
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Spade x Pepper(both by skybrea

Favorite Video Game Characters:
Princess Rosalina,Princess Elclair,Toadette(Mario)
Rouge the bat,Amy Rose,Tikal(Sonic)

My japanese name is 弓 Yumi (archery) 美晴 Miharu (beautiful clear sky)



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special commissions can only be Sonic themed,so yeah. I plan to donate the points to SG-Collector.
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Omochao isn't one of the worst characters in the series, he's hands down the best villain ever created. Now I know what you're thinking. "Villain? But he helped Sonic saved the world!". Did he? Did he, really? 

Because last I checked, he spent just as much time in the dark story as he did in the hero. Now why would he do that? Why would that cute little flying robot want to help Eggman conquer the world? Oh, I wish his motives were that innocent, but if they were, then he wouldn't be helping Sonic, now would he? Sadly, he doesn't want world domination. Such things are beneath him. All he wants is to create conflict and destruction. 

During the fights between Sonic and Shadow, he's giving them both advice on how to kill each other simultaneously, like an arms dealer giving weapons to both sides of the war to fuel his own gains.

Now you're probably thinking "Alright, so Omochao's pretty fucked in the head, but so what? He can't actually hurt anyone. Just ignore what he has to say, and you'll be fine." Oh really? He can destroy 10 foot robots instantly just by flying into them. He can slaughter countless humans just from being fired from a toy gun. That doesn't seem dangerous to you? Well, how about this. I'm sure you figured out by now that Omochao is omnipresent. It doesn't take a genius to figure out. How else could he be in two places in the same stage? How else could he beat Sonic and crew to space when they took a rocket ship? 

How else can he be helping Sonic and Shadow at the exact same time? What you probably didn't realise, however, is that he has the ability to alter your very perception of reality. You see, in the Sonic vs Shadow boss fight, you never see Omochao helping Shadow from Sonic's perspective. He's only ever giving advice to you. Well okay, so he can turn himself invisible. Still unnerving, but nowhere near as creepy. But then you switch to Shadow's perspective, and suddenly, he's there, in front of you, but not near Sonic. Now how could he be invisible to one person but not to another? It can't be mere invisibility powers, because that would leave you invisible to everyone, not just select people. 

The only option left is he has the ability to manipulate people's minds directly. He alters Sonic's perception of reality to make him think he's not there. Have you realised what this means yet? He has the power to control people's very thoughts! He could literally be in two places at once, right under nose, pulling your own strings, inside your own head, and you'd never even know. Sonic didn't seem to have any idea he was being manipulated during that boss fight. 

Did, you, the player? Well if he can do that, then who's to say he didn't manipulate anyone else? How do you know Mephiles was even evil? Maybe he was just another victim to Omochao's sick, twisted mind games. Forced to kill Sonic against his own will, or worse, convinced that it was what he wanted all along. Wouldn't surprise me. Omoachao is a force of complete and utter malevolence, willing to help anyone as long as it means creating more conflict in the world for his own sadistic lust for destruction. 

And the worst part? He's completely indestructible. Go ahead. Go play SA2. Just try and destroy him. Pick him up, throw him into an enemy. You'll do more damage to the enemy than you ever could to him. And even if you could kill him. Maybe throw him off a cliff, or launch him into outer space, you think that's it? He'll just come right back, completely unphased, that same uncanny grin plastered on his face. Sonic Team may have fooled you into thinking that Sonic and his friends will always triumph over evil, but the true evil will never be destroyed.

Credit goes to TheCookiePlz on youtube


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