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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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Blinking Icons
Shulk icon- ASK TO USE. by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Zaira icon by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Gift For Maria65 by DarkAngelofMinecraft
I found out how to make smooth blinking icons, so I opened commissions for them! Just 10 points, and I'll make one for you with any character~! Also I can make them bigger then 50 x 50 if you want gifs for your profile! Note: if its bigger then 50 x 50 and you want it on your profile, you have to use html and not thumbnails like how I got images on my profile.
Animal Crossing exclusive
AC:NL Bunny Shipping by DarkAngelofMinecraft
The Terrible Secret by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Animal Crossing- Saryi by DarkAngelofMinecraft
ACNL OC-Rana by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Like my other commissions, these are digital. The difference is you can have me make an OC design for Animal Crossing, whether its a Mayor/Human like Saryi from Hitokui or an animal villager like my OC Rana. You can request shipping too, it can be animal x animal or Mayor/Human x animal, it doesn't matter. And of course you can request creepypasta/horror in the game like Billy, a creepypasta,(second pic) and Saryi (third) or Aika(not shown), who are in creepy dream towns.
Rosalina by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Look who it is again by DarkAngelofMinecraft
AC:NL Bunny Shipping by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Animal Crossing- Saryi by DarkAngelofMinecraft
My commissions are digital, because I'm afraid I don't have a scanner. Anyway, I will draw any of your ocs or Mayors or whatever you call them. Just send me a picture, the points and I'll get to work as soon as I can!



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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there- owo
I'm DarkAngelofMinecraft, but you can call me Dark or something simpler like my actual name, Mary. My profile's severely WIP right now-
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Xenoblade Chronicles!

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LOL Patrick by Fyi-Sus
Soooo sadly my old 3DS broke and died today...but luckily my parents gave me a new one~ Now I have a SSB4 3DS XL, but all my friends are gone. So if you were on my friends list, comment on this journal with your Friend Code and I'll reply with mine so we can add each other again~!
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    If there was one emotion to describe basically what Alvis was feeling right now, it would be dread. Deep, terrifying, horrifying dread. Why? Because Melia's closest servant, Dunban, had come to tell him that he was to kill Keyara. He! Who loved her! It scared him, for despite how much he hated Melia, he knew he could do nothing. Even Melia's servants knew very well how to fight; if he even tried, he'd be killed. Or tortured. And he had no choice but to follow Melia's orders- as he had learned the hard way. He didn't know what to do, he really, really didn't.

And the dispatch was tomorrow.

    Fiora gently placed 3 pancakes on each of the 3 plates, one for her, one for Shulk, and one for Keyara. She rearranged them around the table, walking around to get some forks and knives. Usually, Fiora was happy and peppy making breakfast- it was one of her favorite things to do. But today, however, she felt different. Like something bad would happen, almost. It weighed her spirits down. It made her feel unusually upset.

    There was no noise yet. Either Shulk and Keyara were sleeping in late today, or they had gotten up early. Both were rather unlikely. Those two never slept in late or got up early. Again, there was that feeling something bad would happen. It didn't even seem related to the situation now. It shook her, sent chills down her spine. She felt- no, she knew- that today, something was going to go wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.


    Dunban ran a hand over his katana. It was sharp enough to kill, to kill very easily. Melia was pleased when he showed it to her, so he'd use it. He didn't want to, to be honest, but it was Melia's orders. And he did what Melia wished always. After all, he was her most loyal and trustworthy servant. There was no reason to ruin that title now, especially when this meant so much to Melia.

    Usually, Dunban wouldn't do this- not for anyone. But before...all this, he and Melia had had a brother-sister bond. And now, still, he saw Melia as his sister who he would do anything for. Even sacrifice his own life. As long as Melia was okay. With no parents, no "special someone", Melia was the person closest to him in his life. And why should he break that bond? Why would he lose the one person he most cared about?

     As he prepared to set out to the Green District with the soldiers, he knew the answer was incredibly simple. He wouldn't.


   Both Keyara and Shulk had finished their breakfasts rather quickly, and set out afterwards. Keyara looked nervous, and Shulk just seemed like he needed to get out and about. So Fiora was now the only one home. Finding nothing better to do, she peeked out the window. And she wished as soon as she did that she hadn't.

    There were men marching through the city. And not only that, they were attacking people. Ruining the gardens and houses. She gulped, backing away and further into her house. She knew that if the men attacked her house, it wouldn't defend her for long. And she wasn't very much of a combat person; she left more to Shulk and Keyara. She slid into hiding, hoping, praying, that she wouldn't be harmed.

Yet she had a feeling she would be.

    The door swung open. She hoped that it was Shulk, or Keyara, or someone who could save her. It wasn't though. It was a man with dark hair, wielding a katana.  He searched around the house, walking until he stopped near her. She stood, hoping to get away, however she found her way barred by that same katana. Feeling a trill of fear, her horrified green eyes turned to the man. His katana moved away, but she was too terrified to move.

        "What are you going to- aAAAH!"

    The man had stuck his sharp katana right into her stomach. Pain washed over her and she began to shudder as she screamed. The man retracted his katana, and Fiora, still shaking, slowly sunk to her knees. She looked up at him, and saw, to her surprise, that his eyes were filled with sorrow.

    "I'm sorry," he murmured.

And Fiora could see nothing but black.
so I'm just watching Chuggaa's new Xenoblade video and suddenly Shulk goes "ALRIGHT,I'M FEELING IT! I'M REALLY FEELING IT!" while he's fighting a Mechon and it's like "ZOMFG HE KNOWS WII U SSB4 IS RELEASED TODAY"
Human Muffy~ by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Human Muffy~
also Muffyyyy <3 one of my dreamies who just moved into my ACNL townnn
    The breath of a black-winged High Entia was exhaled slowly in a loud sigh. Even now, after moving from Alcamoth to Frontier Village, she couldn't- no, she didn't want to accept it. Despite how much the rest of the High Entia race disliked her,  she didn't want to accept the fact that they were gone. Turned Telethia. Dangerous to the few High Entia that remained, to the Nopon, to the Homs, to everyone. Her mother, her father, and her brother, all gone. Never again would she see them, talk to them.

The people who were closest to her.

    Only pure High Entia were turned into Telethia, so maybe, just maybe Melia was okay. If she hadn't been hurt by the Telethia in the attack...she thought miserably. If. She hoped Melia was okay. Keyara, too. She had only moved a bit ago, but hadn't seen either yet. And she knew both occasionally visited Frontier Village, so it worried her deeply. And the thought of them being gone made her feel even more alone, after all, she didn't have much Nopon friends.

    Thinking over what happened, she didn't want to go back to Eryth Sea. She didn't want to be harmed by Telethia there, however much it would remind her of when she was younger. And besides, she could see Eryth from Frontier Village. It was why she had chosen Frontier Village over lower down on the Bionis, after all. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she thought over it all. Everything will be so...different!

    As she couldn't help but weep, memories flooded over her of everything that had happened previously.
Zaira's Past- Prologue
Oh look a Proooooologueeee
it's for my new story centering around Zaira~
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