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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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because I'm just random like that
no really
these things are awesome


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Willow page doll by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Chibi page dolls! The background is transparent and the chibi will bounce up and down. These are rather small and can fit on your page easily~ ^^
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Shulk icon- ASK TO USE. by DarkAngelofMinecraft
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I found out how to make smooth blinking icons, so I opened commissions for them! Just 10 points, and I'll make one for you with any character~! Also I can make them bigger then 50 x 50 if you want gifs for your profile! Note: if its bigger then 50 x 50 and you want it on your profile, you have to use html and not thumbnails like how I got images on my profile.
Rosalina by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Look who it is again by DarkAngelofMinecraft
AC:NL Bunny Shipping by DarkAngelofMinecraft
. : . Strobe Light . : . by DarkAngelofMinecraft
My commissions are digital, because I'm afraid I don't have a scanner. Anyway, I will draw any of your ocs or Mayors or whatever you call them. Just send me a picture, the points and I'll get to work as soon as I can!


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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there- owo
I'm DarkAngelofMinecraft, but you can call me Dark or something simpler like my actual name, Mary. My profile's severely WIP right now-
My birthday badge
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Favorite video game characters:
1. Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)
2. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles, SSB4)
3. Rosalina (Super Mario, SSB4)
4. Villager (Animal Crossing, SSB4)

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LOL Patrick by Fyi-Sus
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Music The Music Tag Game Music 

- Write down every letter in your name
- Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter
- Count the number of letters and TAG that many people'

M Mechanical Rhythm- Xenoblade Chronicles
A Animal Crossing: New Leaf Theme
R Resonate- Hatsune Miku
Y Youth- Daughter

i'm not gonna tag people cause NOPE
though if you want to do it you can .3.
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shulky potter by DarkAngelofMinecraft
shulky potter
when you realize your two favorite male fictional characters have a lot in common

this just had to be done k
i just thought shulk was cute before but now
but now

also dem glasses

Shulk- Monolith Soft
Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling
Art- Me .w.
Lady Meyneth by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Lady Meyneth
I was doing a Xenoblade meme and I liked the Meyneth I drew so I linearted and colored it .w.

Meyneth- Monolith Soft
     Keyara felt waves of sorrowful Ether in the air. She sighed, feeling horrible herself. She recognized Melia's ether waves, plagued with sadness, which was expected. Melia had lost her brother, and her whole empire really, while Keyara had lost Galven, Kallian(who sometimes bothered her but was truly a nice guy), and possibly Zaira. But what truly surprised her was the other waves of sorrow in the air. She could recognize them...but why would the woman, so closed off from Alcamoth, so closed off from everyone, really, feel such sorrow and unhappiness due to the Telethia incident? Everyone was sad, sure, but she was nearly as sad as Melia..why?

     The Ether waves were Willow's.

     Now that she looked at the other black-haired Homs, she did seem upset. Although she nearly appeared her usual emotionless self, her posture was more slumped, her eyes less bright. Her ether waves were incredibly strong, but she seemed to be unaware and quiet. Keyara sighed and watched the group go on as she leaned against a tree. She closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair, troubled. She was thinking about a lot of things. How do I comfort Melia? Why is Willow so sad? What is going on? she wondered. They'd come back for her, she just needed a rest anyway.

     The wind made Keyara open her eyes. Her surroundings were...different, to say the least. It was nighttime, and it was in Eryth Sea. Keyara heard sounds of people moving, the rustle of people moving through the floating island's grass, the occasional laugh. Turning her head, the Homs saw two people- both women, one was a Homs while the other was High Entia. The High Entia had her silver-hair pulled in a braid, with a fancy dress on, while the Homs looked remarkably like Willow, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, while she was wearing a gray dress and gray gloves with ribbons.

     The two stopped at a strange device floating on the island. Keyara moved closer to hear them but not alert them to her presence. "-their devices were always faulty," the High Entia was stating, looking uncertain. "Willow, I think we should get out of here." Willow!? Keyara thought in awe, staring at the Homs. Willow frowned and nodded. "I guess we should," she agreed. "I don't want anything bad happening to you, Violet." So, Violet is her name, thought Keyara in interest. 

     Her gaze flicked to the device, which was sparking with Ether. "Uh-oh," whispered Keyara. The sparks had a sense of forboding around it, and she knew that if the two didn't leave soon, something bad would happen. Very bad. Violet and Willow started walking and talking to each other, though Keyara couldn't make it out. She was staring at the device. It was clearly some form of High Entia technology, but what? They didn't have things like this today..unless..but no, how could this be the past? It made sense, though, with Willow's different look, the strange technology..

     In her thoughts, the Homs just barely saw the device flash brightly with Ether as Violet stopped. She gasped and turned to the two, but she was too late. Violet was already screaming in utter agony as she glowed and glowed, 'till a bright flash obscured her vision. And then, in her place stood a Telethia with three heads. Willow stared up at it in utter horror as it let out a fearsome roar with each of its heads. "Violet?" Willow asked. When the Telethia answered with nothing more than a growl, Willow slowly backed up, repeating "Violet!?" in a more desperate tone then she had used before.

     Before she could do anything, a male High Entia ran over. A triumphant grin was on his face as he slashed at the Telethia. Ether flashed all over- apparently he could control it quite well- until the male High Entia slammed the Telethia away from him. Stunned, the Telethia's heads slumped slightly as it tried to regain focus. But it hesitated, and it hesitated too long.

     One head. Two heads. Three heads. The High Entia sliced them off in succession.

     Willow had remained silent for most of the fight, but as the Telethia's body swayed and fell with a loud thunk, her voice raised into a cry. "Violet!" she wailed, staring in horror at the Telethia's remains. The male scoffed and picked up the heads, smirking as he left with them. He walked effortlessly through the transporter. Him disappearing made Willow look up in horror and chase after him.

     There was a bright flash and Keyara was back in the present world. Stunned, not only from what she had just seen, but from what this had to do with Willow, she shook her head rapidly. Someone grabbed her arm and she looked up to see Alvis, looking at her, concerned. "Keyara, are you alright?" he questioned. The others had turned back to look as well, except for Willow, who was staring into the distance. Keyara nodded briefly. "Y-yeah. I'm fine, Alvis," she said, steadying herself. He let go of her arm and nodded. "Alright," he said, and walked back to the others.

     Keyara went to follow them as they started walking again. Willow followed behind her, looking upset still. Keyara glanced back at her, and their eyes briefly met, before Willow looked away. But it made Keyara wonder.

     What other secrets was Willow hiding?
Wilting Memories

Okay, no mature even though Violet is getting killed, it's not described much.

Still though, this is kinda AU-ish (unless Maria65 says it shouldn't be), but basically, Keyara has discovered how Violet died, one of the factors as to why Willow is so...emotionless in the present. I got the idea from the Telethia incident, basically of Willow being reminded of how Violet died and Keyara being swept up in her Ether waves and seeing it..

Not much else to say.

Keyara and Galven- :iconmaria65:
Willow, Violet, Ruben and Zaira- me
Melia, Kallian, and Alvis- Monolith
     If the God of Bionis was in a physical form at the moment, he would have been scowling. For sure. His vessel was walking through the destroyed city of Agniratha, chatting with the Face Unit girl- Fiora, was she called?- which, in itself, was a problem, but of course Zanza had something else on his mind concerning Shulk and his ragtag group of anti-Mechon heroes. Fiora and Shulk had some sort of bond or something, which Zanza hadn't cared about when the girl was a Homs, easily rid of in the end, but now that she was a presented a deep problem in more ways than one.

But he had only just discovered the worst part.

     In the tower, called the "Data Center" he believed, she had told the group about the history of Agniratha. No, not her. Meyneth. And Meyneth- oh, how dare she! By sharing that, she was turning them all against him! Even his own vessel! His own goddamn vessel! Ugh, he hated that woman more every single second. And her vessel of choice wasn't making anything easier(not like she had chosen it, but she hadn't exactly left, had she?)

     Speaking of Meyneth, why couldn't Shulk just hate her? He himself did, so if Shulk did too, that would make everything so much simpler! And since he hated Meyneth, by extension he hated the girl, so why didn't Shulk? Didn't their emotions affect one another? That's how it had worked before; why Shulk was an exception, he didn't know. He turned his attention back to Shulk and the others, who were still chatting excitedly.

     "What happened in the Data Centre?" Shulk asked.

     "I'm not quite sure myself," answered Fiora.

     Not quite sure yourself, please! Zanza scoffed inwardly. Oh, of course, Meyneth's pawn! You have simply no idea! Not like she was encouraging living together with all races- even of Mechonis to be with those of Bionis, despite them being terribly just..horrible together- simply by her mere existence. Those Faces should be eradicated! They're garbage of a Homs, not like Homs weren't pests anyway, but they were mechanized! They didn't deserve to live.

     That idea of living was petty. They'd still turn on each other in the end, of course. The races of Bionis and Mechonis were, most certainly, not meant to be together, whatever Meyneth said and whatever her vessel did. He was determined to plant this idea in Shulk's head while he remained useful, sprout it and keep the boy for a longer time. You know. Extend his expiration date- bugs all had them, but he could change it, you know?

     He just barely noticed the group split up. But Shulk stayed with the Mechon girl, making Zanza inwardly scoff.

      Whatever. Zanza knew, for know, he could do nothing. All he could do was watch.
And hate.
Hate a lot.
Godly Hatred
Finally done this aaaaaaaaaa
Um but right. Zanza's POV. It's hard to write Zanza omg never again
Was inspired by :iconmaria65: and I's conversation .o.

Zanza, Shulk, Fiora, Meyneth, and pretty much everything- Monolith Soft
Writing- Meeeee .w.
Old Willow again by DarkAngelofMinecraft
Old Willow again
Ahhh finally done this...I know I used a base but her gloves! Her darn glovessss-

I felt like drawing Old Willow here. Gah her dress was difficult qwq by :icontfafangirl14:

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